ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Tribute to Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal

When religious thought was on the verge of destruction
God sent Iqbal to carry out its reconstruction
For five centuries, it had been stagnant
Rose of intellect was no more fragrant

Thinkers wonder, “Does God exist”?
Iqbal asked, “Does man exist”?
What is the true comprehension of reality?
All discourses fail on departure from spirituality
Is their a possibility of religion?
Higher levels of consciousness are the beacon
Why do we need religion?
It soars above philosophy’s region
It unveils Science’s inadequacy
With reality, it seeks intimacy

What is time and space?
Thought’s mortal imprint on the Ultimate Ego’s face
God isn't a current flowing through every particle
Each infinitesimal itself is His disclosure
Universe is a mere concept
God is the actual percept

God is to nature what man is to personality
At stake is a cosmic struggle for immortality
Heaven and hell aren’t locations but states
Wholly undetermined is the realm of fate
Even for disbelievers, there is no everlasting torture
There will come a time when He will be their redeemer

What is the principle of movement in Islamic Thought?
Either perpetually dynamic or it is naught
What was the essence and spirit of Islamic culture?
Knowledge was a dead meat, Muslims were vultures

Criticized has been Iqbal for being an Islamist without a beard
In prayer, his legs trembled infront of the God he feared
Madly he would weep on only two occasions
Mention of Muhammad (pbuh) and Quran’s recitation
Asked is secret behind his poetry and people’s fixation
Ten million was the count of his prophetic salutation

It is irony’s zenith that he was knighted by the West
The same civilization, his works put to a harsh test
What makes Iqbal so rare and unique?
It wasn’t just genius and truth’s seek
He was a mystic of the highest order
Beyond the finite, lay his border
From mental slavery to enlightenment, the revolution was swift
Only once in a millennium, God grants this earth such a gift!

By: Adil Farouq


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