ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Sign Of Weakness Of Imaan

Whenever your sujūd is short and your du'ā' is so short, it is a sign of weakness of īmān.  Sujūd is a road to ask for whatever you want. A man came to Al-Hasan Al-Basri and said,I heard you say that if you commit sins, then Allāh prevents you from things.  I do all the sins that you can think of and don't do many good deeds.  I have a beautiful wife and beautiful kids and a lot of money and land and am successful.  Allāh did not prevent me from anything.  How is it that you say that because of sins Allāh prevents you?”  He said, “Do you pray qiyām'l-layl?  Do you enjoy your du'ā'?  Do you enjoy your ṣalāh?  That is enough prevention that He prevented you from communicating with Him.”  When Allāh wanted to speak to us, He revealed the Qur'an, and when we want to talk to Him, we raise our hands.  He cut you off because you are not worthy of it and your īmān is not strong enough.

محبت کا جنوں باقي نہيں ہے
مسلمانوں ميں خوں باقي نہيں ہے
صفيں کج ، دل پريشاں ، سجدہ بے ذوق
کہ جذب اندروں باقي نہيں ہے

Courtesy: Muslim Matters

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