ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


The 40 Ahadith

Hazrat Salman RadiALLAAHU Anhu asked the Prophet of ALLAAH Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam that which are those 40 Ahadith, remembering which one will go to Jannat ul Firdous. The Prophet of ALLAAH Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam replied(interpretation of the meaning) :

1) Believing in ALLAAH
2) Believing in the Last Day
3) Believing in the creation of the Angels
4) Believing in all he divinely revealed books
5) Believing in all the Prophets Alayihi Salatu Wassallam sent by ALLAAH
6) Believing in life after death
7) Believing in Predestination that whatever good and bad happens is from ALLAAH
8) Testifying that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAAH and Muhammad Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam is ALLAAH’s truthful Messenger
9) And for every Salat (Namaz) one would do proper Wudu and Establish the Prayer (proper wudu means that which takes into account all the Sunnah and Recommended acts and doing a new wudu for every Namaz is Recommended, on the other hand establishing prayer means that one should take care of the physical and inward acts of Salah)
10) Paying Zakat
11) Fasting in the Month of Ramadan
12) Doing Hajj if one is capable of doing so
13) Offering the 12 Rakah Sunnat-e-Muakadah (2 Before Farz of Fajr, 4 Before Farz of Dhurh, 2 After Farz of Dhuhr, 2 after Farz of Maghrib, 2 After Farz of Isha)
14) Not leaving Witr prayer of Isha in even a single night.
15) Not associating anyone or anything as partner with ALLAAH.
16) Not being disobedient with one’s parents
17) Not possessing the wealth of an orphan unjustly
18) Abstaining from drinking Alcohol
19) Abstaining from adultery or fornication
20) Not swearing falsely
21) Not witnessing falsely
22) Not acting upon the wishes of the inner soul
23) Not backbiting a Muslim brother/sister
24) Not slandering against a man or a woman
25) Not keeping grudges for other Muslims brother/sister
26) Not indulging in viscosity
27) Not being part of onlookers
28) Not nicknaming a short person with bad names, e.g. dwarf.
29) Not mocking someone
30) Not backbitting among muslims
31) Being thankful of the blessings of ALLAAH (The best way one can thank ALLAAH for HIS blessings is to not be disobedient as a result of that blessing of ALLAAH or use that blessing in a an act which comes in disobedience of ALLAAH)
32) Being patient in hard times
33) Being unafraid of the wrath of ALLAAH
34) Not breaking ties of kinship
35) Instead bonding the ties of kinship
36) Not damning any creatures of ALLAAH
37) Doing the Remembrance of SUBHANALLAAH, ALLAAHU AKBAR, LA ILAHA ILLALLAHU extremely
38) Attending Eid and Jum’ah at all cost.
39) Believing that whatever bad has overcome you was bound to happen and there was no way to be safe from it, and whatever did not happen was never going to happen
40) Not leaving the Recitation of the Quran in any way at all.

Hazrat Salman RadiALLAAHU Anhu says, I asked further, if someone memorizes these ahadith, then what will he get, in reward? The Prophet of ALLAAH Sallallahu Alayihi Wassallam said: ALLAAH Subhanhu Wa Ta’ala will include him, on the day of judgement, with The Prophets Alayihis Salatu Wassallam and the Scholars of Islam.

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