ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Protecting Yousuf

“Our soul is very beautiful, pious and pure but we want to make it ugly, tainted and impure, that’s why we treat it in a manner step brothers of Yousuf(A.S) treated him.”

“By considering it as an enemy of ours we throw it in the well, or sell at a very cheap price in a market of Egypt and neglect the full reality that what is the importance of this soul in our life. It has to face difficulties just because of us; sometimes in a detention of an undone sin it has to suffer for many years.”

“It’s just our Heart that curses us for losing our Yousuf. We suppress its voice but it’s not always easy. In life, sometimes a moment comes while walking we are stricken and get down, can not restore ourselves, just then the feeling of missing something inside-out holds its roots very deeply. And so, our heart reminds us by screaming loudly that unconsciously, we have disguised our own selves”.

“Telling lies, cheating people, being dishonest, being resentful and jealous, being captured in the cage of lust and hunger and so by selling our soul at the hands of greed, no one is harmed, no one except us. Our self and our heart start to be rusted. Impurities like selfishness and senselessness make our character hollow and we……in the struggle to move ahead of all in the race of life leave behind our reality, our self. When being stricken get down then are supposed to look back, supposed to return towards our truth, supposed to take out our Yousuf from the well, supposed to free him from the prison and give him the crown. Then we understand that how much we have travelled but the whole journey was a deception, a ruse.”

“To search and find our Yousuf, is very important in life if anyone understands. The process of transformation from a man to a human is not easy. There will be wolves standing on each single step and ready to tear apart your Yousuf. At every place, filths wrapped with lust and greed will be interested to buy your Yousuf. Protect your Yousuf, never lose him no matter what will happen”.

(The text is taken from a generous friend)


  1. ''At every place, filths wrapped with lust and greed will be interested to buy your Yousuf. Protect your Yousuf, never lose him no matter what will happen... Kill the Aazar that resides within you.
    This quatrain goes wholly:
    Nafs dawah be-gunahi ka sada karta raha,
    Garchay oopri dil se dil uba karta raha,
    Deeda'aey dil ki pashemani se na sharmaya kabhi,
    Chupke chupke nafs-e-khain ka kaha karta raha.

    very nice post Maashaa Allaah. :)

  2. This is an excellently written post masha'Allah.
    There are different stages in a person's development, as mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, and it is by no means attaining the highest rank of Nafs. But neither is it impossible.


  3. All praise go to my friend who wrote it. :)